First impressions are critical in maintaining your brand’s image. But unexpected odors can ruin that image. Keeping restrooms clean and fresh is a priority. We carry a number of effective products to ensure every inch of this impressionable area results in a positive visit.

Drip System- Urinal & Toilet
Malodors and dirty fixtures tend to create a negative impression in any restroom, which can affect the perception of an establishment as a whole. Sancare drip system lines have been designed to provide complete restroom deodorizing and clean fixtures around the clock through an easy to use, programmable dispenser.

Air Freshers
Time dispensed aerosols provide a consistent, pleasant scented atmosphere for guests and staff. With fragrances formulated to neutralize tough odors they will effectively freshen rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet. Programmable dispensers and modern fragrance choices allow you to customize a program for every need.

Liquid Odor Control
Liquid odor control is a cost effective and easy way to control common restroom odors. EcoLogoM certified biological odor control products to break down and digest the source of odors are a critical part of any green housekeeping program.

Sanitary Floor Mats
Sanitary floor mats fit under urinals and around toilets to catch drips and splashes. They help keep floors cleaner while providing a light fragrance.

Urinal Screens & Toss Blocks
Urinal/toilet screens, rim hangers and blocks deodorize at the source. Choose from Non-Para or Camphor rim hangers or blocks. And choose from vinyl or EVA screens in traditional and contemporary fragrance options.

All of these products help to support a pleasant atmosphere for guests and staff.


Restroom Odor Control

Product Line Brochures

​​ Premier Line

   > BIOGIENIUS- Urinal/Toilet Drip System

​   > Oxy-gen- Air Freshener 


​   ​> MVP Quadrasan- Urinal/Toilet Drip System

   > MVP V-Air Solid- Air Freshener

​   > MVP Femcare- Feminine Hygiene Waste Bins

   > Scentury Aire- Air Gel Fan