Symmetry Dispensers
Symmetry dispensers are available in two sizes: 1250 ml and 2000 ml. Available colors are frost, gray and smoke (Custom color dispensers available with custom dispenser orders.

Space Saving Design
A small, ergonomic profile on the back of the dispenser reduces its footprint and matches up to most existing holes from previous dispensers with an overall space-saving design.

Green Seal™ Certified
Symmetry also offers environmentally preferable hand hygiene products that are Green Seal certified. Green Seal™ is an independent non-profit organization that promotes the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services. To earn Green Seal certification, a product must meet specific Green Seal environmental standards through evaluation, testing, and an actual plant visit.

Customization/ Adaptability
One of the most unique features of the Symmetry dispenser is the option of customization. This dispenser allows for liquid and foam hand wash. Regardless whether you like using liquid and foam hand wash at your facility, it is as simple as changing out a soap bag.

Repair-In-Place Technology
You may replace a Symmetry dispenser cover, sight window, or lever without taking down the entire dispenser. Most other dispensers on the market must be taken down and replaced if any part is broken or damaged. With Symmetry dispensers, as long as there is no damage to the inner housing that is attached to the wall, you may replace the cover and have the look of a brand new dispenser.

No-Drip System
Symmetry foam hand wash has a true no-drip system. There are other foam hand washes on the market that are low drip, but Symmetry is no-drip. At the base of the pump, there is a bellows. As the pump is pressed in, the bellows is depressed, and hand wash is dispensed. As the lever is released, the bellows holds in any remaining hand wash. This ensures a 100% no-drip system.

Collapsible Bag
Symmetry hand hygiene products come in sealed, plastic bags that allows for 99.9% product evacuation. That means you won't have to throw away containers that aren't empty. When empty, the bag shrinks to the size of a baseball. Simply replace the old bag with a new bag, and you're done. No product waste means extra money in your pocket.

Cost Effective
The most common way to figure your costs with hand hygiene products is through the cost-per-push method. You must look at the cost of the product, and divide that by the number of hand washes. Most studies formulate their cost-per-push using one push per hand wash. Symmetry dispenses at 0.6 ml for foam soap and 0.9 ml for liquid soap without the rubber reducers, providing one of the best cost-per-push outputs in the industry.

ADA Compliant
Symmetry dispensers are ADA compliant, meeting the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Sight Window
The sight window is located on the front of the dispenser, and is one of the largest on the market. This maintenance-at-a-glance feature makes it easy to see when a soap bag is empty and needs to be changed out, saving you money and labor.

ABS Plastic
Symmetry hand wash dispensers are made of ABS plastic, the same material used to make football helmets, telephones, etc. This is an extremely durable dispenser that withstands heavy abuse.

Hidden Locking Mechanism
Another important feature is the dispenser's hidden locking mechanism. Many dispensers open from the bottom, and some even require keys. To open this dispenser, push down on the top of the inner housing and pull the front casing down.

Easy Installation
Installing Symmetry dispensers is easy. Dispensers may be hung on the wall with screws or adhered to a solid surface with our durable, foam tape.
Dispenser S Mounting Templates (1250 ml)
Dispenser L Mounting Templates (1250 ml)
Dispenser L Mounting Templates (2000 ml)

Dispenser Stands
51" tall, freestanding dispenser stands are also available. 38-lb. weighted base plate with adjustable feet for all floor surfaces. Available in black.

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