Mats for Safety
Avoid slips, falls and lawsuits.
Floor mats in entrance ways provide a safe footing for customers entering your building. Avoid accidents and potential lawsuits that may follow a slipery uncarpeted area.

Standard mats protect carpets and floors from wear and tear, and reduce the dirt, mud, and moisture tracked into the building. 

Custom Logo Mat

How it Works-On a scheduled basis a Sancare Service Rep will remove the soiled Mats & Mops and replace them with clean ones.

Safety, Image & Dust Control Starts Right at Your Front Door! 

A Cleaner Enviroment

Reduce cleaning time, and maintenance costs Floor mats help minimize dirt and water tracking through the building, keeping your place of business clean and professional.

These 100% rubber multi-purpose mats remove dirt and grime from shoes, and traps it in molded recesses. These mats provide a slip-resistant surface, and are perfect for high-risk and wet areas.

Benefits of Choosing Sancare Floor Mat Soluitons

Image is Everything

Customizable Mats & Programs

Not only will our mats help your building look clean, we can place your logo or any desired message on the mat.

Dust Mops

Entrance Scraper

Traditional Floor Mats


Ask us out our custom sized, shaped and specialty entrance systems.

These mats provide a cushioned surface that helps to relieve leg and back stress, reduce employee fatigue, improve employee morale, and increase productivity.

Microfibre Mops

Standard wet mops work well, until they don’t! With a mop rental service, you never have to worry about a filthy, ineffective mop head just pushing the dirt around. Sancare will take your dirty mops and replace them with fresh ones.

Give your staff the right tools to keep your business looking clean and professional. Using Sancare Dust mops allow your staff to sweep quickly, cleaning dust and dry debris from small to large areas with dust mops sized from 24", 36", 48" & 60" inches.

Productive Employees

A Healthy Employee Is A Happy Employee

With less allergens from dust in the air and use of our anti-fatique floor mats, your employees will stay energized and more productive through out their day.

Microfiber mops penetrates surface pores to remove tiny dust particles.

​Reduces chemicals, water, and energy to clean, saving time and money. Velcro backing makes changing mop heads quick and easy

Safety & Message

Anti-Fatique Mats

Sancare rental floor mats are certified as “high traction”by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Custom Fitted

Wet Mops

Maximize awareness where safety or any other message is required,  with an eye catching print.


Our mats come in a wide variety of colours and can be printed with your custom logo or message to make an impact in your entranceway.